About Us

Mission Statement and Goals

FTDC Mission

The Fallon Tribal Development Corporation (FTDC) is a federally-chartered corporation wholly-owned by the Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe (Tribe). FTDC’s primary function is to conduct a variety of economic development activities for the Tribe.

FTDC Goals

The goals of the Fallon Tribal Development Corporation (FTDC), as outlined in Section 5.3 of FTDC’s Corporate Charter, are as follows:

  • Develop a sense of entrepreneurship
  • Earn sufficient revenue to:
    • Pay operating expenses and capital obligations
    • Accumulate reasonable financial reserves
    • Repay tribal-loaned funds
    • Allocate surplus funds for dividends/distribution
  • Provide employment for tribal members (and immediate family) and contracting opportunities for firms owned/controlled by tribal members

Board of Directors

Cody Downs


Email: cody.downs@ftdc.us

Tanzi Kancler

Vice President

Email: tanzikancler@ftdc.us

Melanie McFalls


Email: melanie.mcfalls@ftdc.us

Leona Mineard


Email: leona.mineard@ftdc.us

Robert Lawson

Board Member

Email: robertlawson@ftdc.us